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Name: New Zealand
Location: island country
Time: NZST[n 5] (UTC+12) • Summer (DST) NZDT (UTC+13)
Capital: Wellington
Area: 103,483 sq mi
Population: 4,596,700
National Day: 10 December 1947
Currency: (NZD)
Subtropical in the North and temperate in the South. The North has no extremes of heat or cold but winter can be quite cool in the South, with snow in the mountains. The eastern areas often experience drought conditions in summer; the West, particularly in the South Island, has more rain.
Year 2015: New Year Day, 6 Feb Waitangi Day, 3 Apr Good Friday, 6 Apr Easter Monday, 25 Apr ANZAC Day, 1 Jun Queens Birthday, 26 Oct Labour Day, 25 Dec Christmas Day, 26 Dec Boxing Day.
Airline Name: Air New Zealand NZ
International Airports: Hamilton (HLZ), Queenstown (ZQN) ,Wellington (WLG), Christchurch (CHC), Auckland (AKL)

New Zealandvisa Regulations

                               Application for New Zealand

                            Business/Visitor/Employment Visa


    Documents Required

  • An Application for Visiting New Zealand and visitor information form must be fully completed in English.
  • Original, signed Passport with validity of at least 3 months prior to travel
  • 2 recent passport size color photographs must be affixed to the application form.
  • Return confirmed Air ticket 
  • X-Ray for Tuberculosis screening if your intended stay in New Zealand is for more than 6 months Applicants for temporary entry to New Zealand must have an accepatable standard of health. Otherwise they have been issued or granted a visitors visa for the purpose if obtaining medical treatment
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means and proof of accommodation like hotel confirmation , booking of the entire stayand receipt of package.

Time Period
:  10-15  working Days

Fees & Charges : Contact to our office



     Documents Required

  • Original, signed Passport with validity of atleast 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from New Zealand  to travel.
  • Photocopy of first and last page of the passport
  • Original, signed Application Form Filled With Signature
  • 2 recent passport size color photographs with White background must be affixed to the application form
  • For all business visas original Invitation letter from the oraganisation on its business letterhead has to be sent direcly to the Embassy.
  • A covering letter from the Individual or Business House deatailing the purpose of visit
  •  A copy of the confirmed return air ticket
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 2 years and bank statements for the last 3 months

Time Period:  12-15  working Days.

Fees & Charges :  The total charges/fees/rates/cost for completion of Thailand could  differ from the type of Certificate or Documents as we’ll as the state of origin in India.



      Documents Required

  • A valid passport and visa are required
  • Original, signed passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of entry to New Zealand
  • Original, signed Application Form Filled With Signature
  • 2 recent passport size color photographs with White background. On the back of one photo in each set , write the name and date of birth.
  • Employment contract with an employee in the new Zealand. 
  • Salary slip, salary bank a/c statements of last 3 months and Income Tax Returns for the last 2 years

Disclaimer:  The visas are issued at the sole discretion of the respective Government , and we cannot guaranted.


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