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Name: Republic of Uzbekistan
Location: Central Asian nation
Time: UTC+05:00
Capital: Tashkent
Area: 448,978 km²
Population: 30.24 million
National Day: Dec 8
Currency: Uzbekistani som
Continental, with hot summers and cool winters. Summer temperatures often 40 °C (104 °F); winter temperatures average about −2 °C (28 °F),
International Women's Day, March equinox, Nowruz
Airline Name: Uzbekistan Airways
International Airports: Tashkent International Airport, Urgench International Airport, Samarkand International Airport, Bukhara International Airport, Navoi International Airport

Republic of Uzbekistanvisa Regulations

                                Application for Uzbekistan

                           Business/Visitor/Employment Visa

Note: Physicaly present might be required; it is the discretion of the Visa Officer.


·   The Applicant should have a valid passport with validity of 3 months, more than the period of stay  and at least 1 blank page to affix the visa

·    2 Visa form duly completed and signed by the applicant

·    2 recent colored passport size photograph with white background

·    Covering letter with designation , name and purpose of travel , itinerary

·   The applicant needs to contact a tourist operator in Uzbekistan for the Visa approval

·    Hotel reservation and Confirmed return air ticket

·    For approval tourist operator will contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tashkent and this should be directly faxed to the embassy and a copy to the Applicant

Time Period:  03 – 05 Working Days


  • The Applicant must have valid passport with validity of 3 months more than the period of stay in Uzbekistan , at least 1 blank page to affix the visa
  •  2 copies of the visa application form which is dully filled by the Applicant
  • 2 recent passport size colored photograph
  •  A covering letter from the Indian commercial house
  • An Invitation letter from the Business Associates  in Uzbekitan
  • Name  of Applicant and the name of Inviting organization must be clearly stated as well as the terms of visit and itinerary
  • The invitation should be forwarded through the Ministry of Foreign Affirs directly to the Embassy in New Delhi
  • Confirmed returned Air ticket and Hotel reservation

Time Period:  03 – 05 Working Days


Disclaimer:  The visas are issued at the sole discretion of the respective Government , and we cannot guaranted.


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